Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Authentic Old West . . . part 1

THE REAL THING,  'as it was',  historically verified. 
By the way,  there's no more newspaper left in the out-house.
'Greenhorn' young newsmen came from the East thinking to make easy money
writing for the daily gazettes.  They soon learned the rugged truth about . . .
editor But Western editing was fast and rough . . . no time for fancy platitudes!
from an 1868 book about health . . .
Miss Lilly was the prettiest gal around,
and two old friends were fighting over her . . .
Just for the ladies . . .
Save two dollars and a half in money!
And finally, we've asked the local boys to perform
some  light comedy for our close-out this week . . .
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      This has been THE AUTHENTIC OLD WEST part 1
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