Sunday, November 30, 2014

What is FUNNY . . . part 2

What is "FUNNY"?
Is THIS funny?  Really?  What is wrong with you!?
What is "FUNNY"?

       What is "FUNNY"?
Faculty members from the ACADEMY of COMEDY
pay a visit, out of concern.  Chuck reveals 
the joke he's been working on . . .
The pursuit of that elusive perfect joke consumes his days . . .
He loses everything through the years . . .
This has been WHAT IS FUNNY part 2
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

COMEDY ON LEGS . . . part 2

comedy on legs
Pepper's Secret
"Good evening and welcome to our modest home.  
gothic bird house
I must warn you not to go above the first floor...
We're  renovating, so you might hear some screams."
hunting cartoon witch ernest
racoon gerrylagendyk



"Mittens! Mittens where are you?
Mummy has dinner for you!
She must be playing in a neighbors yard."
funny pig
angry pig 
happy pig
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