Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Authentic Old West . . . part 4

In the Old West there was no sound yet
Despite the famous stories about gunmen and shootouts,
it was BUSINESS that opened up the West . . .
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The ultimate test of an Old West man,  was if he publicly wore
the boots his wife gave him for his birthday.  True grit!
It was the pioneering barbers who truly
tamed the Old West . . .
Here's an interesting look at one of the 
Old West's barber products . . .
Thrilling Grief comedy blog
a hero of the Old West . . .
Most Old West folks were good, but there were bad ones too . . .
 Each town elected a sheriff to control crime . . .
Thrilling Grief comedy blog
AUTHENTIC: the real thing
This has been THE AUTHENTIC OLD WEST part 4
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